Donald Trump rumors, news

Donald Trump news, rumors

  • • Joe Biden Loses $90 Million After He…
    Major Democratic donors have reportedly put approximately $90 million in pledged donations on hold, signaling a significant hesitation towards President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign. This decision follows Biden’s poor performance in a CNN debate against Donald Trump last month. According to two anonymous sources speaking with The New York Times, multiple eight-figure donor commitments ha...2024
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  • • Trump’s Ex-Wife Drops Bombshell After Melania…
    Marla Maples, ex-wife of former President Donald Trump, revealed she’s willing to support his campaign in an interview with the Evening Standard. She stated that she is ready to step forward and assist, not hesitating about potential positive or negative outcomes from speaking out. Regarding speculation about serving as Trump’s running mate, Maples responded that […] The post Tru...2024
  • • Barron Trump Appears To Reject Spotlight After…
    Barron Trump’s recent appearance alongside his father, Donald Trump, at a campaign rally has drawn attention, particularly from body language experts who analyze subtle signs of discomfort under the spotlight. On Tuesday, the former President of the United States, actively involved in political campaigning ahead of the election, was joined unexpectedly by his son. Barron […] The post B...2024
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  • • Biden ‘Black People’ Remark Censored After…
    The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported on Thursday that a local radio station, Civic Media, admitted to editing an interview with President Joe Biden following his debate with Donald Trump. The interview, conducted by Civic Media host Earl Ingram, was intended to reassure the public about Biden’s capability for another term, amidst growing concerns about his […] The post Biden ‘Black ...2024
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  • • Trump Calls Minorities ‘Savage Child Predators’
    At a rally in Florida on Tuesday night, former President Donald Trump addressed his audience, emphatically denying accusations that his frequent mentions of fictional serial killer Hannibal Lecter are “rambling.” Trump’s rallies have become known for their recurring themes, often including unusual asides about topics such as marbles, whales, and electric vehicles. Recently, Trump...2024
  • • Barron Trump Spotted With 23-Year Old Star
    Reports are circulating that popular streamer Adin Ross donated $3,000,000 to former President Donald Trump’s campaign and is already a confirmed attendant of Trump’s rally. Adin Ross was at the Trump rally in Miami, Florida as a Special guest. Laura Loomer reported that Ross’ seat was right across from her and her seat was directly […] The post Barron Trump Spotted With 23...2024


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Donald Trump injury and suspension

  • • Melania Trump Had Health Problem Before Last Debate
    Melania Trump shared her deep concern when her son was diagnosed with a serious illness in October 2020, shortly after both she and her husband, Donald Trump, tested positive for COVID-19. Following their diagnoses, the former President was quickly admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center for treatment, where he received dexamethasone, a steroid used in […] The post Melania Trump Had Health Pr...2024
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  • • Hulk Hogan: If You Need A President, I'll Volunteer; I Know Right From Wrong, Brother
    Hulk Hogan will volunteer as tribute. The United States of America has already had one WWE Hall of Famer as President, and Hulk Hogan would welcome being the second if necessary. "We need somebody in there that’s got some common sense," Hogan told Fox News. "So, if you need a president or vice president, I’ll volunteer and take this country over, and I’ll rule with an iron fist, a flat tax – not...2024
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  • WWE Hall of Famer to appear on United States champion’s podcast
    • WWE Hall of Famer to appear on United States champion’s podcast
    @LoganPaul WWE United States champion Logan Paul announced the next guest for his popular Impaulsive podcast today (June 12): WWE Hall of Famer, former United States President, current presidential candidate & convicted felon Donald Trump. The interview taped yesterday at Trump’s Florida resort Mar-a-Lago, and will be released tomorrow. United States Champion United States President @r...2024
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  • • Trump Reveals If He’s Dropping Out Of 2024 Election
    During an interview with Dr. Phil McGraw, former President Donald Trump delved into the Stormy Daniels hush money trial, expressing frustration over what he perceived as unfair treatment by prosecutors. Dr. Phil broached a sensitive topic when he questioned whether any deals were proposed to Trump to withdraw from the presidential race in exchange for […] The post Trump Reveals If He’s Dropp...2024
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  • • Trump Banned From Using Gun After…
    The NYPD is set to revoke former President Donald Trump’s gun permit following his recent 34-count conviction for falsifying business records related to payments made to adult film star Stormy Daniels prior to the 2016 election. This decision comes after Trump’s permit was suspended last year following his indictment by the Manhattan district attorney. While […] The post Trump Ba...2024
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  • Rikishi blasts Hulk Hogan, Umaga lives again, and Peter Maivia lives on
    • Rikishi blasts Hulk Hogan, Umaga lives again, and Peter Maivia lives on Also, the former Guerrillas of Destiny make their WWE tag team debut. The Bloodline returned to winning form this week as Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa defeated the Street Profits on SmackDown. This marked the former Guerrillas of Destiny’s first match as a team in WWE after their entry into The Bloodline surprised many, including their father, former WWE Tag Team Champion Haku. Outside...2024
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  • • Trump Threatens To Execute Men Who…
    It has been noted via Zero Hedge. that leftist outlet The Huffington Post is quite upset that former President Donald Trump has suggested that the death penalty should be extended to drug kingpins and child sex traffickers. In an article, the outlet noted the remarks Trump made two years ago. He stated that while it […] The post Trump Threatens To Execute Men Who… appeared first on Wrestling...2024
  • • Rudy Giuliani Suspended From Job For Stolen…
    Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani was recently suspended without pay from his WABC radio show after he ranted about the “stolen” 2020 election — deepening the legally embattled ex-lawyer’s financial woes as per NY Post.  It is noted that in a further fall from grace, the bankrupt, twice-indicted ex-attorney for Donald Trump was yanked […] The post Rudy Giuliani Suspended From Job For ...2024
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  • • Trump Suffers Meltdown At Racing Event
    Former President Donald Trump recently headed to the Formula 1 race at the Miami International Autodrome Sunday has managed to drop 31 posts in an hour highlighting articles and quotes on his unfair treatment by the legal system via Mediaite. The posts began at 2:40 p.m. with a criticism of “Gavin Newscum,” as Trump has taken to calling […] The post Trump Suffers Meltdown At Racing Event app...2024
  • • Trump Melts Down After Hope Hicks Says…
    In a Truth Social post, Donald Trump made a highly critical statement about his ongoing legal proceedings, alleging political bias and unfair treatment, following Hope Hicks’ testimony. Here’s what he wrote: “THIS ISN’T A TRIAL, IT’S A POLITICAL CAMPAIGN, A WITCH HUNT, JUST LIKE THE HIGHLY CONFLICTED AND BIASED JUDGE, JUAN MERCHAN, WANTED IT TO […] The post Trump Melts Down...2024
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Donald Trump lifestyle

  • • Trump Drops Biden Coke Bombshell Before Debate
    It has been noted that the former President Donald Trump had a normal one on Tuesday and told rally-goers that President Joe Biden would do cocaine before their debate next week via Mediaite. The two presumptive nominees for president are set to square off in a debate hosted by CNN on June 27. Biden and […] The post Trump Drops Biden Coke Bombshell Before Debate appeared first on Wrestling E...2024
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  • • Kid Rock Reveals Truth After Biden & Clooney…
    Kid Rock previously took to his X account and posted a picture referring to former President Donald Trump encouraging his voters to write on restaurant receipts to spread the word about his proposal to eliminate taxes on tips. He yet again took to the social media platform and wrote about Joe Biden being spotted with […] The post Kid Rock Reveals Truth After Biden & Clooney… appea...2024
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  • • Donald Trump Defends Hunter Biden After Drug…
    Former President Donald Trump recently sympathized President Joe Biden on Thursday as his son Hunter Biden was found guilty of three federal felony gun charges via Mediaite. Fox News asked Trump about Hunter, who was found guilty of illegally possessing a firearm and lying on his application when he was addicted to crack cocaine, Trump said, “Well, I think […] The post Donald Trump Defends H...2024
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  • • Rikishi blasts Hulk Hogan, Umaga lives again, and Peter Maivia lives on
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  • • Famous Actress Drops Biden ‘Assault’ Bombshell
    Roseanne Barr took to Twitter and uploaded a video where she joked that Joe Biden raped her, as she was satirizing the Donald Trump assault accusations by E. Jean Carroll. #believeallwomen. #meshoe #bergdorfdressingroom #loosemeat — Roseanne Barr (@therealroseanne) April 23, 2024 The Secret Service agents tasked with protecting Hunter Biden at his Malibu mansion in...2024
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  • Gary Player chip-in leaves Donald Trump in disbelief, fans left with evil Dictator vibes
    • Gary Player chip-in leaves Donald Trump in disbelief, fans left with evil Dictator vibes
    Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images Player teed it up with Donald Trump and reminded the former president why he is an all-time legend in golf. A video surfaced Wednesday of Gary Player and Donald Trump enjoying a round of golf at Trump International Palm Beach Golf Club. Player, the 9-time major champion, made an impressive chip-in shot during the round. At 88 years old, Player is still e...2024
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  • New report on Vince McMahon: Cooperating with authorities, regularly talking to Donald Trump
    • New report on Vince McMahon: Cooperating with authorities, regularly talking to Donald Trump
    Photo by Mark A. Wallenfang/Getty Images NBC News today (April 17) posted a lengthy piece from CNBC’s Chloe Melas and Alex Sherman titled, “Vince McMahon’s life after WWE: Kittens, vacations and staying in touch with Trump”. The reporters spoke to “11 people familiar with McMahon and WWE” for the piece, which largely focuses on what Vince spends his time on now that he’s fully removed from...2024
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  • • Trump ‘Prays’ At Restaurant In Video After He…
    Donald Trump prayed at a burger restaurant in a new video after he went to court. Donald Trump stops at a local fast food restaurant and prays with an Employee! What do you notice about their reactions? — Ian Jaeger (@IanJaeger29) April 15, 2024 Judge Juan Merchan has made it clear that former President Donald Trump […] The post Trump ‘Prays’ At R...2024
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  • Trump Drops Blacks Racism Bombshell At Restaurant
    • Trump Drops Blacks Racism Bombshell At Restaurant
    Former President Donald Trump recently pulled off a surprise at Chick-fil-A. He stunned the customers on Wednesday by stopping by a Chick-fil-A location in Atlanta, Georgia, ahead of a fundraising luncheon. The former president purchased 30 milkshakes for people at the restaurant, took pictures with the customers, and autographed a Make America Great Again hat. […] The post Trump Drops Black...2024
  • Trump Expensive Order At Chick-fil-A Revealed
    • Trump Expensive Order At Chick-fil-A Revealed
    Former President Donald Trump recently bought milkshakes for several customers. Trump got a warm reception as he stopped by an Atlanta Chick-fil-A and ordered “30 milkshakes” for customers inside the restaurant. “What good looking people! Wow,” the presumptive Republican nominee for president told the beaming restaurant employees when he made his entrance at the popular […] The post Trump Ex...2024


  • 2024
    "Which pro wrestler turned Mayor did Donald Trump praise?"

  • 2023
    "We explore how Donald Trump found his place in the WWE Hall of Fame from his contributions and lesser-known backstage interactions in WWE."

  • 2022
    "In a recent interview on the Full Send podcast, Owens, who is also known to be a devoted Donald Trump supporter, went […] The post Lakers star LeBron James gets slammed as ‘low IQ’, uneducated by high-profile Republican author appeared first on ClutchPoints."

  • 2021
    "ATLANTA — Months after calling for a boycott of Major League Baseball, former President Donald Trump did the tomahawk chop with Atlanta Braves fans at Game 4 of the World Series on Saturday night."

  • 2020
    "President Donald Trump told the commissioners of 12 major sports that he hopes to have fans back in stadiums and arenas by August and September, sources told ESPN."

  • 2019
    " Celtics' Danny Ainge says LeBron James may be taking the 'Donald Trump approach' with GOAT proclamation "

  • 2018
    "President Donald Trump tweeted it's "so disgraceful" that Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson was killed by a person who is in the U."

  • 2017
    "The Detroit rapper unleashed on President Donald Trump in a taped freestyle rap that aired during the BET Hip Hop Awards."

  • 2016
    "  Rousey drew ire from Donald Trump, Lady Gaga and other public figures—but Los Angeles Lakers icon Kobe Bryant was not among those who dished hate."

  • 2015
    "Colin Kaepernick crushes Donald Trump for his Muslim comments"

  • 2014
    "Donald Trump is salty about not owning Buffalo Bills"


Donald Trump trade rumors, contract, salary rumors

  • • Joe Biden ‘Offers Cookies’ To Top Republican
    Kevin McCarthy recently stated that President Joe Biden offers cookies to guests in the Oval Office, which for some reason the former speaker found “depressing” via Mediaite. It has been a brutal seven days for Biden, the White House, and his campaign since he turned in a poor debate performance against former President Donald Trump […] The post Joe Biden ‘Offers Cookies’ To Top ...2024
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  • • Trump Reveals Truth About Dana Bash
    Former President Donald Trump offered praise to CNN moderators Jake Tapper and Dana Bash for their handling of Thursday’s debate, where they posed questions to both Trump and President Joe Biden over a 90-minute session. During the debate, Trump made around 30 false statements, while Biden faced scrutiny for verbal stumbles, including a remark where […] The post Trump Reveals Truth Abo...2024
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  • • Trump Says Biden ‘Destroyed’ Top Republican
    Former President Donald Trump recently stunned the hosts of a podcast that he appeared on when he praised President Joe Biden via Conservative Brief. “I assume he’s gonna be somebody that will be a worthy debater. … I don’t want to underestimate him,” he said when he appeared on an episode of the “All In” […] The post Trump Says Biden ‘Destroyed’ Top Republican appeared first on Wrestling Ed...2024
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  • • Prison Bosses Preparing For Donald Trump To…
    Prison bosses are currently preparing to house former President Donald Trump if he is sentenced to jail following his hush money porn star conviction via Mirror. It has been noted that several facilities have been identified that could offer the former president a cell while keeping him safe. Trump is set to be sentenced on […] The post Prison Bosses Preparing For Donald Trump To… appe...2024
  • • Rikishi blasts Hulk Hogan, Umaga lives again, and Peter Maivia lives on
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  • Evening Daily News Update
    • Evening Daily News Update
    WWE Hall Of Famer Donald Trump Found Guilty On 34 Felony Counts; Trump Responds Donald Trump is the first former United States president to be convicted of a felony. Top WWE Raw Star Latest To Be Nearing The End Of Their Contract Another top star on Raw is set to become a free agent if […]...2024
  • • Donald Trump Sadly Forgets Charges In Court Room
    Just minutes after lowering expectations for acquittal, former President Donald Trump offered a unique defense in his hush money trial: claiming ignorance of the charges. After leaving the courtroom for a break on Wednesday morning, Trump addressed reporters he had previously ignored and lamented, “Mother Teresa could not beat these charges,” framing it as another […] The post Donald Trump S...2024
  • • Trump Official Says He Assaulted Woman
    Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci offered some stark advice for the Biden campaign during his appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Scaramucci suggested that the Biden campaign should focus on labeling former President Donald Trump as a rapist, repeatedly using the term to emphasize his point. This comes in light of the civil court […] The post Trump Official Says He...2024
  • • Trump ‘Wobbles’ Onstage At Minnesota Rally
    On Friday, former President Donald Trump blamed the stage contractor after seemingly wobbled during his rally in St. Paul, Minnesota via Newsweek. It has been noted that a clip of the moment was posted by the X, formerly Twitter, account Biden-Harris HQ, which is associated with President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign. In the footage, Trump […] The post Trump ‘Wobbles’ On...2024
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  • • Eric Trump Melts Down During Stormy Trial
    Eric Trump took to Twitter on Monday to offer his perspective on his father’s trial, live-tweeting from the Manhattan courtroom where Donald Trump stands accused of criminal charges linked to a hush-money payment made to a porn star. As Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal attorney turned adversary, testified as the prosecution’s key witness, Eric Trump […] The post Eric ...2024
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Donald Trump stats and results

  • • Melania Trump Divorce Bombshell Rumor Leaks
    The relationship dynamics between Donald Trump and Melania Trump have drawn attention amid recent public appearances and campaign activities. Melania’s absence from key events, such as high-stakes debates and legal proceedings, underscores a notable distance in their public partnership. While Trump continues to hold rallies across the country, Melania’s involvement has been limited, of...2024
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  • • Pelosi Drops Biden Brain Test Bombshell
    Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., stated on Tuesday that both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump should publicly disclose their test results regarding physical and mental health. “Both candidates owe whatever test you want to put them to, in terms of their mental acuity and their health — both of them,” Pelosi, […] The post Pelosi Drops Biden Brain T...2024
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  • • Amy Coney Barrett Brutally Humiliates Trump
    Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, who was appointed by former President Donald Trump recently agreed with the majority opinion that presidents have absolute immunity when it comes to official acts in office. However, she broke with her conservative colleagues on a few points. It is noted that in her concurring opinion to the majority, […] The post Amy Coney Barrett Brutally Humiliates...2024
  • • Trump Exposed As Fraud In Live Newsmax Interview
    It has been noted that the conservative cable network Newsmax ran a chyron stating it accepts 2020 election results during an interview with former President Donald Trump via Mediaite. Trump has falsely claimed that the election was rigged against him. Conservative media outlets such as Newsmax and Fox News ran with many of those claims, […] The post Trump Exposed As Fraud In Live Newsmax In...2024
  • • Donald Trump Orders Fox News To Fire Their…
    Fox News recently released Joe Biden is leading Donald Trump by two points. Trump still holds a lead in the Real Clear Politics national average. The Hill reported that President Biden leads former President Trump by 2 points in a national poll of the presidential election published Wednesday by Fox News, taking a lead for the […] The post Donald Trump Orders Fox News To Fire Their… appeared...2024
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  • • Trump’s Famous Legal Advisors Plea…
    Jenna Ellis, who served as an attorney for Donald Trump during his 2020 presidential campaign, pleaded not guilty on Tuesday in Arizona’s “fake electors” case. Alongside 17 other defendants, Ellis faces charges including forgery, fraud, and conspiracy related to alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 election results. All 18 defendants have entered not guilty pleas […] The po...2024
  • • Tim Scott Exposes Trump As Fraud On Live TV
    Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) reaffirmed his decision to certify the 2020 election results during an appearance on ABC’s This Week, despite former President Donald Trump’s false claims of election fraud. Scott, who is reportedly considered for Trump’s vice presidential running mate, addressed Trump’s recent remarks regarding January 6 defendants and the Capitol riot. When asked ...2024
  • • Kamala Harris Drops Trump Cheating Bombshell
    Vice President Kamala Harris recently blasted former President Donald Trump over his attempts to overthrow the election and his attacks on the trial that resulted in his conviction on felony charges via Mediaite. Trump has regularly been attacking the former adult film star Stormy Daniels hush money trial in which Trump was found “guilty” on […] The post Kamala Harris Drops Trump Cheating Bo...2024
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  • • Dr. Phil Melts Down After Trump Is Found…
    Biden to urge President Joe Biden to dismiss the conviction of Donald Trump on 34 felony counts of falsifying documents. Trump’s sentencing, scheduled for July 11, could result in heavy fines and potential prison time, posing a significant disruption to the 2024 election. The seasoned TV host, whose primetime show on Merit Street Media has […] The post Dr. Phil Melts Down After Trump I...2024
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  • • Rikishi blasts Hulk Hogan, Umaga lives again, and Peter Maivia lives on

Donald Trump parents, kids, wife / husband, girlfriend / boyfriend

  • • Trump’s Ex-Wife Drops Bombshell After Melania…
  • • Barron Trump Appears To Reject Spotlight After…
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  • • Is Ivanka Trump Abandoning Dad At His…
    Ivanka Trump has re-emerged as a prominent supporter of her father, Donald Trump, while firmly stating she will not return to politics. Despite her personal decision, she will attend the Republican National Convention next week in a personal capacity to support her father. A source close to her confirmed that she will be there on […] The post Is Ivanka Trump Abandoning Dad At His… appeared f...2024
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  • • Trump Jr. Warns Rumored New Vice President
    Donald Trump Jr., during his podcast “Triggered,” was asked about potential candidates for his father’s running mate in the upcoming election. Starting at about 12:28 in the full video on Rumble, Trump Jr. clarified that he doesn’t have “inside information” but shared his personal thoughts and preferences. Trump Jr. mentioned that he has been advocating […...2024
  • Donald Trump Reveals Truth About Jill Biden
    • Donald Trump Reveals Truth About Jill Biden
    Donald Trump discussed Jill Biden and Hunter Biden running Joe’s Presidency on Hannity. Absolutely brutal takedown of the Biden family by Trump on Hannity tonight. He hears Jill is “having a good time” and that Hunter is “calling the shots”, also says Joe Biden has an “ego”. — Cryptid Politics (pro-DeSantis) 🇺🇸🐊 (@CryptidPolitics) July […] The post D...2024
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  • • WWE Legend Gives Big Money To Trump
    Linda McMahon, now 75 years old, co-founded Titan Sports with her husband Vince McMahon 44 years ago, which eventually evolved into WWE. She held prominent positions as President and CEO before shifting her focus to politics. In recent years, McMahon has become a significant donor to Donald Trump’s political campaigns. Forbes reported her contributions totaling […] The post WWE Legend ...2024
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  • • Trump Reveals Biden ‘Dropping Out’ Email
    On Monday, former President Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign sent out a provocative fundraising email with the subject line, “Biden is dropping out!” The email claimed: ALERT FROM TRUMP Joe Biden is dropping out of the race! You know it. I know it. Everybody knows it. It can happen at any moment! With that Sleepy son […] The post Trump Reveals Biden ‘Dropping Out’ Email appeare...2024
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  • • Melania Trump Is ‘Humiliating’ Donald On Campaign
    Former first lady Melania Trump has been conspicuously absent from her husband Donald Trump’s campaign activities and legal proceedings, raising questions about her involvement in his bid to return to the White House. Despite being present at some Trump fundraisers, she did not attend significant events such as the first presidential debate in Atlanta, his […] The post Melania Trump Is...2024
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  • • Linda McMahon Listed Among Top Contributors to Donald Trump
    Linda McMahon, now 75 years old, co-founded Titan Sports alongside her husband, Vince McMahon, 44 years ago. She held significant positions in WWE as President and CEO before departing in ......2024
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  • • Ivanka Trump Shows Skin In Tight Blue Shorts
    Ivanka Trump has recently been showcasing her passion for poetry on social media. The daughter of Donald Trump and former White House advisor has been sharing her affection for her husband Jared Kushner, the joys of summer, and what appear to be her own poetic compositions. In a recent Instagram post, Ivanka shared a series […] The post Ivanka Trump Shows Skin In Tight Blue Shorts appeared f...2024
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Top Donald Trump news

  • • Sources: Trump says NFL should start on time
  • • Brees stands by apology in response to Trump
    In a message addressed to President Donald Trump on Friday night, Drew Brees stood by his apology for earlier comments on "disrespecting the flag," after Trump wrote that the New Orleans Saints quarterback should not have changed his stance....2020
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  • • President Donald Trump tells commissioners he believes NFL season should start on time, per report
    As America continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, Trump talked with sports leaders on Saturday...2020
  • Colin Kaepernick, LeBron James respond to Eminem's rap on Donald Trump
    • Colin Kaepernick, LeBron James respond to Eminem's rap on Donald Trump
    The Detroit rapper unleashed on President Donald Trump in a taped freestyle rap that aired during the BET Hip Hop Awards.         ...2017
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  • • Colin Kaepernick crushes Donald Trump for his Muslim comments
    The San Francisco 49ers QB blasted Trump on social media...2015
  • NASCAR owners warn teams: Anthem protests could get you fired
    • NASCAR owners warn teams: Anthem protests could get you fired
    NASCAR owners side with President Donald Trump, take firm stance against anthem protests....2017
  • • Kobe Bryant Contacted Ronda Rousey After Loss to Holly Holm
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  • • Peyton Manning Comments on Cam Newton After Super Bowl 50 Win vs. Panthers
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Football Fame Ranking

  • 1. NFL Draft

  • 2. Super Bowl

  • 3. Miami Dolphins

  • . . .

  • 34. Donald Trump

Donald Trump fantasy rankings and news

  • • Stephen Amell Says He's One Good Match Away From Celebrity Wing Of WWE Hall Of Fame
    Stephen Amell teases that he could come back for another match. 'Arrow' star Stephen Amell crossed over into the WWE Universe in 2015, as he started feuding with Stardust (Cody Rhodes). He appeared on WWE Raw and later teamed up with Neville to defeat Stardust and King Barrett at WWE SummerSlam 2015. Amell also competed at ROH Survival of the Fittest 2017, and he wresrled at All In in 2018. In rec...2023
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  • • Pop digs Trump in reaction to Obama's Spurs compliment
    Gregg Popovich took advantage this week of a compliment from Barack Obama to take a pot shot at Donald Trump, a frequent target of the San Antonio Spurs head coach’s criticism.It all started when Obama paid the Spurs organization high praise while speaking at MIT’s Sloan Sports Analytics Conference earlier this week. Obama made it clear that if he had his druthers, he would sign with the Spurs if ...2018
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  • • Trump on Brady: U.S. has 'bigger problems' than Deflategate
    Donald Trump (still) has Tom Brady’s back. Trump has stood by the New England Patriots quarterback since the Wells Report was released back in May. For some reason, though, people keep asking Republican presidential candidate to weigh in on Deflategate, and Trump hasn’t changed his stance. The latest inquirer was FOX Business News, which asked Trump during his appearance on “Mornings With Maria” o...2015
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Donald Trump schedule, game

  • • Trump Reveals Biden ‘Dropping Out’ Email
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  • • Donald Trump ‘Pressures’ Judge Cannon To…
    In a recent development, attorneys representing former President Donald Trump are leveraging a Supreme Court decision on presidential immunity to bolster his defense in a criminal case in Florida concerning mishandling classified documents. Trump’s legal team has filed a court motion seeking an updated schedule in the federal case, citing the Supreme Court’s ruling which […] The ...2024
  • • Democrat Senators Removing Joe Biden?
    Sen. Mark R. Warner (D-Va.) is reportedly trying to gather a group of Democratic senators to ask President Joe Biden to withdraw from the 2024 presidential race. According to two sources familiar with the private conversations, Warner has expressed concerns about Biden’s ability to run a competitive campaign against former President Donald Trump, particularly in […] The post Democrat S...2024
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  • • Trump Explodes At Reporter Before Biden Interview
    Donald Trump posted, “The meanest and most vicious Interviewer out there is George Slopadopoulos of FAKE NEWS ABC, one of the worst and most vile Broadcasters in the business — In fact, the home of disgraced “reporter” Brian Ross whose reporting on the Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax was so outlandish that ABC, after defending him […] The post Trump Explodes At Reporter Before Biden Interv...2024
  • • President Biden Reveals If He Is Resigning Today
    President Joe Biden recently told reporters in front of the White House on Thursday that he plans to stay in the November race amid growing pressure from his party to step aside via Mediaite. It has been noted last week that Biden had a disastrous performance at CNN’s debate against former President Donald Trump, where […] The post President Biden Reveals If He Is Resigning Today appeared fi...2024
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  • • Joe Biden ‘Almost Falls Asleep’ At Podium
    President Joe Biden recently blamed his disastrous debate performance last week due to a busy travel schedule in the weeks leading up to the matchup with former President Donald Trump via Deadline. At a recent fundraiser in McLean, VA, Biden stated hat he “wasn’t very smart” for “traveling around the world a couple of times” […] The post Joe Biden ‘Almost Falls Asleep’ At Podium ...2024
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  • • Reporters Shout At Joe Biden In Painful Video
    Following President Joe Biden’s address on the Supreme Court’s decision granting “absolute immunity” for official acts involving former President Donald Trump, members of the White House press corps shouted questions at him. They asked whether he planned to “drop out” of the presidential race and why he believed he should be president. Monday saw a […] The...2024
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  • • Biden Admits To ‘Feeling Humiliated’ After…
    Following his widely criticized debate performance against former President Donald Trump, President Joe Biden is reportedly grappling with the fallout and its implications for his reelection campaign. According to reports from NBC News, Biden is scheduled to discuss the future of his candidacy with his family at Camp David, reflecting a somber and introspective moment […] The post Biden Admi...2024
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  • • Nikki Haley Drops Trump Cognitive Test Bombshell
    According to the Wall Street Journal, Nikki Haley, who finished second to Donald Trump in the recent GOP nomination race, has called for Democrats to replace President Biden as their presumptive nominee following his hesitant debate performance. Haley reiterated her stance on cognitive testing for all federal candidates. However, in an interview with the Wall […] The post Nikki Haley Drops T...2024
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  • • Trump Reveals If Joe Biden Is Resigning
    In response to widespread calls from within the Democratic Party for Joe Biden to be replaced following his criticized debate performance, former President Donald Trump expressed his belief that Biden will remain the Democratic nominee for the 2024 presidential race. Trump made these comments in an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital, where he also […] The post Trump Reveals If Joe Bid...2024
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Donald Trump rumors, scandals

  • • Trump’s Ex-Wife Drops Bombshell After Melania…
  • • Trump New ‘Secret Payoff’ Text Messages Leak?
    A former staffer from Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, A.J. Delgado, has made shocking claims regarding the 2020 campaign. She revealed texts alleging that the campaign settled multiple lawsuits related to gender discrimination and sexual harassment. Delgado, currently involved in a discrimination lawsuit against the campaign, asserts she was raped by Trump advisor Jason Miller. In […] Th...2024
  • • Trump Explodes In Video After Supreme Court Rules…
    Donald Trump posted a video after the Supreme Court gave him Presidential Immunity, and he exploded about Joe Biden, calling out his alleged crimes. Trump wrote, “BIG WIN FOR OUR CONSTITUTION AND DEMOCRACY. PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!” 🚨🚨BREAKING: The Supreme Court has sided with President Trump, ruling that presidents cannot be held criminally liable […] The post Trump Explodes I...2024
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  • • Democrats Have ‘Two Ways’ To Replace Biden
    Questions are arising about whether Joe Biden will remain the Democratic nominee for the 2024 presidential election following his problematic debate performance against former President Donald Trump. This speculation was highlighted on Maria Bartiromo’s “Sunday Morning Futures” program when she questioned U.S. Senator John Barrasso, R-Wyo., the Senate GOP conference chairman, abo...2024
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  • • Michelle Obama Replacing Biden Bombshell Leaks
    After President Joe Biden’s widely criticized performance in the recent debate against former President Donald Trump, speculation about potential replacements for the Democratic nominee has intensified, particularly given concerns about Biden’s age and debate performance. During the debate, Biden, who would be 82 at his hypothetical inauguration, struggled with coherence at times, draw...2024
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  • • Trump Offensive Holocaust Remark Leaks
    Former Trump Organization VP Barbara Res recently told MSNBC’s Ali Velshi that then-businessman Donald Trump made a shocking joke about the Holocaust during a meeting attended by several Jewish executives. Rez left Trump’s company in 1998, and wrote a book called “Tower of Lies: What My Eighteen Years of Working With Donald Trump Reveals About Him” in 2020. It is noted that […] The post Trum...2024
  • • Melania Trump Lawyer Drops Bombshell After Verdict
    Melania Trump’s limited public presence during key moments of Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign has drawn significant attention. Her absence from the campaign trail, including critical events such as Trump’s trial and his birthday celebration, has fueled speculation about her role and influence. Despite being a former first lady, Melania has often shied away from […...2024
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  • • Donald Trump Wants Barron To Stop Being…
    According to Celebrating The Soaps, there is speculation suggesting Donald Trump wants his son Barron Trump to become less shy in public. This change is purportedly driven by Trump’s perceived need for Barron’s assistance in his presidential campaign against Joe Biden. Barron, who recently turned 18, represents a demographic that Trump could potentially leverage for […] The post ...2024
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  • • Trump To Jail Democrats In Massive Camps?
    The recent expressions of concern from prominent Democrats and media figures about the potential outcomes of a Donald Trump presidency if he were to win in November underscore a heightened state of anxiety and speculation. Rachel Maddow of MSNBC articulated fears about Trump’s purported plans to establish “massive camps” and target perceived enemies. She emphasized […] The ...2024
  • • Trump Jr. Drops ‘Execution’ Bombshell To Hunter Biden
    Donald Trump Jr. expressed frustration over the lack of sympathetic media coverage for his father during the congressional investigations into alleged Russian interference. He tweeted, Funny, I seem to have missed all the sympathetic articles towards my dad when scumbags dems had me do 50 hours of congressional testimony for treason (a crime punishable by […] The post Trump Jr. Drops ‘Execut...2024
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